• 2009Year
    • 01.Selected as a sole supplier of Li-ion battery for Chevrolet Volt, electric vehicle of General Motors Corp.
    • 04.Separated into two companies : LG Chem and LG Hausys
  • 2008Year
    • 09.Developed and produced elastomer, a high value-added resin, first in South Korea
    • 12.iReceived Bronze Prize at Korea Technology Award for Polyethylene Elastomer
  • 2007Year
    • 08.Received the grand prize of NanoKorea Award for Photochromic Films
    • 12.Selected as a sole supplier of Li-ion battery for “Avante”, hybrid electric vehicle of Hyundai Motor Company
  • 2005Year
    • 06.Established International Satellite Laboratories (MPIP, MSU, and Tsinghua University)
    • 12.Opened Customized MS&PH.D courses with KAIST
  • 2004Year
    • 02.Completed construction of FAB facility
    • 08.Initiated Lithium polymer battery development project for HEVs commissioned by US Advanced Battery Consortium
           (Big 3 automotive consortium in the US)
  • 2003Year
    • 04.Developed World's first 2,400 mAh lithium ion cylindrical battery
  • 2002Year
    • 03.Received the Grand Prize at prize of the Industrial Technology Innovation Awards for ‘Transparent ABS’
  • 2001Year
    • 04.Separated into three companies : LG Chem, LG Household & Healthcare, and LG Life Sciences.
    • 04.Received the Grand Prize at the Industrial Technology Innovation Awards for ‘Polarizer for TFT LCD’
  • 2000Year
    • 01.Established Compact Power Inc.
    • 07.Developed phosphor for PDP
    • 12.Received the Presidential Award for the best corporate research institute in celebration of entry the era of 5,000 corporate research institutes
           in Korea.
    • 12.Produced the Lithium polymer secondary battery