• 2017Year
    • 01.Merged with LG Life Sciences
  • 2016Year
    • 01.Acquired Dongbu Farm Hannong
    • 06.Received Intersolar Award 2016 for ESS (New RESU series)
    • 07.Signed battery supply contract for NASA spacesuit
  • 2015Year
    • 06.Developed world's first Hexagon Battery
    • 10.Founded Huanam(桦南) Tech Center, China
    • 12.Received ‘2015 Korean patented technology prize’ King Sejong Prize Award(Cable battery)
    • 12.Developed and produced high performance Reverse Osmosis membrane
  • 2014Year
    • 07.Installed the biggest ESS in capacities in Iksan and Ochang plants
    • 08.Selected as a supplier of Li-ion battery for Audi’s(Volkswagen Group) next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV)
           and micro hybrid vehicle (mHEV) model
    • 09.Selected as a supplier of Li-ion battery(10.8 MWh) for Energiequelle’s Energy Storage System(ESS) in Germany
    • 12.Established Gwacheon R&D Center
  • 2013Year
    • 01.Developed World's first lithium-ion stepped battery
    • 05.Conducted Tehachapi ESS Project of Southern California Edison)(8MW/32MWh)
    • 06.Developed Nordic eco-mark(Swan Label) certified SAP
    • 10.Developed World's first lithium-ion cable battery
  • 2012Year
    • 06.Selected as Green Energy Award 10 Best Technologies of 2012 for Development of Lithium Polymer Battery and Pack for Hard-type HEV
    • 12.Received gold prize of 2012 The Korea Technology Awards for ‘Development of Barrier Adhesive film Technology for OLED TV'
  • 2011Year
    • 01.Established Japan R&D Center
    • 09.Participated World Chem EXPO
    • 12.Received gold prize of 2011 The Korea Technology Awards/Selected as Korea 10 Best New Technologies of 2011
           for 'Development of FPR Technology for 3D Display'
  • 2010Year
    • 02.Received Grand Prize of National Green Tech Award
    • 04.Selected as a supplier of Li-ion battery for plug in hybrid electric vehicle(PHEV) of the Volvo group
    • 07.Selected as a sole supplier of Li-ion battery for “FOCUS”, electric vehicle of Ford Motor Company