LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon,
World Class Research Center

In preparation for the knowledge revolution of the 21st Century, LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon has managed and integrated core technologies in order to create value. Now, the research and development of core technologies have become a prerequisite for the company's survival and expansion.

Since its establishment in 1979, LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon has attained global competitiveness in the areas of petrochemicals and industrial materials through the development of innovative products, novel catalysts, and advanced processes. In the middle of the 1990's, information and electronic materials were selected to be the strategic R&D area, and the subsequent R&D efforts in this area have resulted in the development of the world’s best performing Li-ion battery, TFT-LCD polarizer, and OLED materials. Based on the development of core materials for emerging industries by these R&D activities, LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon has become the most successful private research center in Korea by contributing to the national competitiveness and economic development.

However, as the market continues to globalize, the competition has become fiercer and technical barriers have become more challenging for a break-through. Acquisition of core technologies alone is now insufficient to overcome these new challenges, and in order to become a world market leader, source technologies must be created. Corporate R&D must yield results, which can ultimately lead to new business development.

In order to achieve this, LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon emphasizes the development of core technologies for future technologies, which can lead to new business opportunities. We hope to transform LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon into a world-class research center that creates source technology by the acquisition and integration of core technologies. To achieve this, the most important device is to employ highly competent individuals and to foster them. LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon is doing the best to create a dynamic and creative research culture so that each individual can work at his/her full potential. For our high potential employees, we provide an environment where they can focus on research. Also, we provide various learning opportunities and incentives. There are several "research informals" where creative and unique ideas can come together to create new products. Professors from top universities around the globe are invited to the Tech Fair each year to acquire world-class technological capabilities. LG Chem has established a global research network with several R&D centers from the US, Japan, and Europe. LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon hopes to become a community where the world's best specialists come together to yield world-class research results in creative research culture. In the long run, I envision LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon to be the research center where all the top scientists aspire to work

I invite all of you to watch us as we advance towards our vision of becoming the world's best R&D center.

Jin-Nyoung Yoo