Intellectual Property

Development of Core Technology Patents and Profiting from Intangible Assets

Our competitiveness as a global company can be attributed to:
: Securing key patents for core technologies of new business areas
: Maximizing value extraction from our intangible assets that stem from core technologies.

Possession of Intellectual Property

As of 2017, we have about 40,000 registered patents, patent applications, and other intellectual properties. Technologies in future high-growth field and IT&E materials field take around 19%, respectively, and about 41% are for technologies in battery field. We are focusing on to increase the number of core technology patents in our portfolio.

10 January 2014. Future Growth 5,266, Petrochemicals 4,551, IT&E Materials 4,868, Bettery 10,974
Management of Intellectual Property
We are focusing our efforts to better manage our intellectual properties from R&D centers to business units.
This can be achieved by hiring lawyers and patent experts. Furthermore, we are sending experts to
strategically important countries to receive training in their patent laws.
Patent management from basic research to commercialization
By working closely with our R&D researchers from the initial R&D stage to commercialization, we try to
integrate our R&D management and intellectual property managements.
Core patent discovery and patent open-innovation for new future business
Acquiring several basic technology patents will clear the way for new business opportunities. We also hope
to profit from intellectual capital by commercializing and marketing core platform technologies and non-commercialized technologies.