Ideal Employee

People who have Strong Belief in the LG Way

  • Passion
    Passion for Global No.1
  • Originality
    Autonomy, Creativity and Teamwork
  • Innovation
    Customer First and Innovation
  • Competition
    Integrity and Fair Competition

Research Fellow System

In 2008 LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon launched the ‘Research Fellow’ program to foster distinguished individuals. In this program, the selected individuals receive (the equivalent of executive) a compensation and treatment. In addition, our employees undergo performance evaluations in every three years, so that they can be encouraged to work with long-term perspectives. LG Chem R&D Campus Daejeon constantly works on establishing and developing a culture where distinguished individuals can achieve outstanding performances. In this way, LG Chem expects a distinguished business performance and a discovery of a future growth engine.

  • Cultivating Talented R&D Personnel

  • Reward and Treatment based on the Performance

  • Establishment of System and Culture that can Produce Excellent R&D Performance