2017 LG Chem BIC

LG Chem Battery Innovative Contest 2017

LG Chem's Energy Solution Company recruits proposals for research projects based on creative ideas of researchers who are related to LG Chem's battery research field. [LG Chem Battery Innovative Contest 2017] is supporting the creative ideas of researchers from world leading universities and promoting cooperation between
LG Chem and you.

The research proposals submitted to the contest will be reviewed by LG Chem Battery R&D and will be supported by LG Chem and joint research service contracts.
The size of the grant and the duration of the research are determined by the nature of the study. Selected LG Chem BIC applicants will receive financial support for their proposed project, up to USD $150,000 per year and contracts will be renewed up to two years, based on your research outcomes for further research partnership determined by LG Chem.

Applicants must specify the required research expense and research period in proposal and university shall accept LG Chem BIC Research Agreement conditions as part of the proposal submission process. Long-term research projects do not guarantee the period of study, and the contract will be decided on an annual basis with deliberation.

I hope that [LG Chem Battery Innovative Contest 2017] will be an opportunity for you to realize your fresh ideas, and I hope that many prominent professors will participate.

2017 LGChem BIC
Participation Applicants must be a university professor or researcher
Research grants $150,000/ 1Year
Research Period UP to 2 Years (Over a year, the contract will be reviewed and the contract will be decided on an annual basis.)
Applicants shall submit a research proposal and signed RA acceptance letter.

  • For more information : A PDF version of BIC leaflet is available for download.