LG Chem

GIC 2018

Proposal Submission


GIC 2021 Timeline

Date (Korean Time) Item
Jan. 25th ~ Mar. 31st, 2021 Online Proposal Submission
Apr. 1st ~ Jun. 30th, 2021 Evaluation
Jul. 2021 Winners Announcement
Sep. 2021~ Contract Signing

Proposal Submission

All applicants must submit 3 documents online
1. Research Proposal
2. Research Agreement
3. Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information
The size of each file cannot exceed 10MB.
Click on the ‘Apply’ button and fill in the related information. You may upload the documents in the guided format. After clicking on 'Submit' button, you cannot revise.
We will send you an automatic e-mail of confirmation after you submit your proposal.

Proposal Evaluation

Relevant personnel from each business division will review the submitted proposals according to internal criteria.

Announcement and Contract Signing

We will announce the proposal evaluation results by e-mail.
The nominated proposals will go through contract signing process with LG Chem.

Research Project Operation

Projects will start after signing contract.
LG Chem will fund each project with maximum of 150,000 USD per year.
The duration of the project can be extended after reviewing the outcomes of the projects.
Each project leader has an obligation to provide progress reports at regular intervals during the contract period.

Personal Information

LG Chem adheres to Personal Information Protection Act of Korea as well as other relevant laws and regulations. 
LG Chem will require the participant’s consent before collecting personal information for the management of GIC program.
If the participant does not consent to LG Chem collecting and handling such information, LG Chem will not be able to evaluate the participant’s application for LG GIC.

Intellectual Property and Licenses

All intellectual property rights to the Results hereunder shall be jointly owned by University and LGC. Each of the joint owners may freely use (e.g. to sell, offer to sell, reproduce, distribute, copy, modify, make, have made) the Results or the derivative works of the Results, including right to grant a license, without sharing or allocating any profits and/or royalties.
University shall make the first offer solely to LGC of an irrevocable, royalty-bearing, sub-licensable, transferable, perpetual, worldwide license to University BIP. In the event that LGC elects not to enter into the license to University BIP, University may offer to grant the license to a third party, but University shall not offer to grant more favorable royalty terms to such third party than those offered to LGC.